How the name came to be

How did the name came to be? Well we decided to start generating random names and ideas and there was a problem we were generating cool names but we couldn’t focus on decide on any of them.  We gathered all the names on an excel file and we selected the ones we liked the most.  By using the shortlisted ones we createda survey where people could vote on the 2 they liked the best. The winner would be the name that gathered more than 33% of the vote when there would have 100 votes casts and it would have  a lead of at least 5 votes from the second run.

Stefanos personal favorite was: The prophets of False, a pun to all religious prophets and to the Halo fans(prophet of Truth)

Yiannis who loves New York put his money on  New wires and Bagels. He does love Bagels

Artemis went big on The bipolar economist.

In the end Artemis’ name- Wired & Ready won the contest and that was a surprise, up to the middle of the voting there was a duel between The bipolar economist and The prophets of False. Out of nowhere people started voting in favor of Wired& Ready and Shark in a fishbowl which came second only 5 votes behind.

Here are the final results of the poll

The prophets of false
26.6% 25
Shark in a Fishbowl
33.0% 31
The dotted ties and doughnuts
11.7% 11
upside truth
22.3% 21
History repeats and we digress
11.7% 11
the bipolar economist
22.3% 21
New Wires and Baggels
13.8% 13
wired and ready
38.3% 36
suited carpenters
9.6% 9
wrong order
14.9% 14
Where are the bagels?
8.5% 8
The Ironic elements
16.0% 15
The Optimistic Cassandras
19.1% 18
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